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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 4/22/22

Enhancement #1:

Added ability to send TBAs to Historical Viewer sheet

To streamline viewing TBAs in the Historical Viewer sheet, traders can now send TBAs directly from the Sprd/Bfly sheet.

After entering TBAs in Sprd/Bfly, <right click> in the “Sprd” column & select “To Historical Viewer.” More than one line item can be sent over as well by holding the <Ctrl> key & selecting multiple “Sprd” columns.

Traders will have the option to add this strategy, or strategies, to their current strategy tab in the Historical Viewer sheet by selecting “Amend Current” or to create a new strategy tab by selecting “Create New”.

Note: Traders can send over TBA outright, spread, or butterfly strategies from Sprd/Bfly to Historical Viewer.

Enhancement #2:

[CAD] Added support for CDGGBE Index

Added support for 10Y & 30Y Canadian breakeven inflation rates using the following formats:

Note: BBG ticker for Canada breakeven index is “CDGGBE#”


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