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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 11/13/20

Enhancement #1

Added support across G7 for Central Bank meeting dates such as MPCD20; also available in the Fwd Swap Matrix sheet

For traders who prefer the Sprd/Bfly to construct their monitors, they can now include the Central Bank meeting dates and create strategies with them. Entering them here will allow traders to create alerts, pull up historical graphs, and do regression analysis.

Please see below for the format reference:


Enhancement #2

Enhanced exporting strategies from the “3M C+R” column to the Historical Viewer

To streamline the process of entering the carry and roll of strategies in the Hist Viewer, the option “To Hist Viewer” has been added. This way the strategies are built automatically.


Enhancement #3

Added the <right click> “Set Alert” option for CMT RVS, CMT dRVS, and CMT RVS ZS columns

Traders can now set the alerts to the CMT set of columns including the CMT RVS, CMT dRVS, and CMT RVS ZS. Once the alert boundaries have been crossed the strategy will be highlighted. Additionally, the alert will be in the Alert Monitor.


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