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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 09/29/2023

Enhancement #1: Added “T-1/T-2/T-3 Sprd”, “4BD dSprd”, and “QTD dSprd” columns

From “Table-Manage Columns”, traders can add “T-1 Sprd”, “T-2 Sprd”, “T-3 Sprd”, “4BD dSprd”, and “QTD dSprd” columns to their views.

By <double clicking> on “Sprd” column, and loading “Table”, traders can compare T-1/2/3 Yld Sprd columns to previous day’s closes. 4bd dSprd shows the change of day over the last 4 business days. For QTD, it is from the last day of the last quarter to current business day.

Enhancement #2: [EUR] Added generic tickers for France HICP linkers (OATe)

In EUR Sprd/Blfy sheet, traders can enter French HICP linkers using “FRTIIE#” format. Traders can populate historical data by double clicking on columns that have light blue triangle in the upper left corner.

Enhancement #3: Added ability to choose the font size for the group graph

From group graphs, “Preferences- Zoom”, traders can adjust size of the lower panel settings in the live graphs

To access the group chart grid, traders can select a list of cells, and select the “Group Graph” menu. From here, traders can choose the dimension and the size of the charts. The functionality is available for the cells with historical data and cells under the same column.

Note: Traders can also change the historical data’s time horizon for all graph from “Preference” – “Time Horizon”


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