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Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 08/18/2023

Enhancement #1: [Scatter Plot] Allow traders to change dot style under the regression graph

In this week’s release, RiskVal added an option to customize dot color and shape when plotting regression charts. From the “Multi Graph” – “Regression Chart”, traders can click the “Plot Colors” menu to access the function.

Once the “Colors by Dates” pop-up window is open, traders can choose the color and shape (circle, triangle, & diamond) for the dots created after the date traders choose. Once the setting is finished, traders can click the “Apply” button to see the changes.

Note: The function is supported on all regression charts in RiskVal.

To create regression charts and edit regression charts:

1) Select one field, press & hold <Ctrl key> & choose other fields. Then <right-click> and select “Multi Graph”.

2) Click on the “Scatter” button.

3) From the popup “Plot Colors”, check “After” box, enter date & change color and shape

4) Hit “Apply”

Enhancement #2: Added group chart grid function for historical data popups

Traders can now access the “Group Chart Grid” functionality in Sprd/Bfly to bring up multiple graph pop-up windows as a group.

To access the feature, traders can select a list of cells, <right-click>, and select the “Group Graph” menu.

Once the “Manage Group of Historical Graphs” pop-up window opens, traders can choose the dimension (column and row) and the size of the charts. Once the setting is finished, click the “OK” button to bring up the charts.

The functionality is available for the cells with historical data and cells under the same column.


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