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Sprd/Bfly Enhancement | Weekly Release 5/27/22


[Seasonality] Added ability to set User Event as “Anchor”, also available in Forward Swap Matrix & Historical Viewer

To import user events to be used in the Seasonality Analysis:

  1. Click “Tools” – “Manage User Events

  2. In the “User Event Management” window, click “Import” to upload user events file (Click “Sample File” to download sample file)

  3. After uploading the file, check the events to be used

  4. In Sprd/Multi Graph window, click “Seasonality

  5. After selecting “Eco Event” from the “Anchor” dropdown, select “User Event”. A new dropdown will appear where the trader can select the user event. The events that were checked in the “User Event Management” window in Step 3 will be shown as options in this dropdown

  6. Adjust “Start Date” & “End Date(optional)

  7. Click “Apply


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