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Sprd/Bfly Enhancement | Weekly Release 5/15/20

Added shared Color Management with Bond Roll such that traders have the option to automatically propagate their color codes across both sheets simultaneously

  • Highlighting columns in Sprd/Bfly

  • Color coding based on strategy weight

  • Color code precedence: What if I previously color coded my Sprd/Bfly?

To help traders organize and color code their strategies to keep them consistent with the Bond sheet, there is a new “Color Management” option under the “Format” menu. This option allows the trader to add color to countries (for EUR) or Orig (USD and other countries). This way traders can easily map the bond type to the strategies.

Sharing highlights across Sprd/Bfly & Bond Roll

To turn on the automatic highlighting, the dropdown for “Highlight Sprd/Bfly”, select “Sprd/Bfly, Name, Alias Name, Note”. This option will turn on the highlighting for the columns: Name, Alias Name, Note. To turn off the highlighting, select “none” from the same dropdown.

Color coding based on strategy weight

The colors are determined by the weight of the strategy. The leg with the positive weighting will determine the color coding as selected by the colors in the menu. To select a color in the menu, click on the country, then select a color from the color Grid. The selected color will be applied.

The color assigned to these flies is determined by the country of the belly, which has a positive weight.

Color code precedence: What if I previously color coded my Sprd/Bfly?

Traders who have already color coded their Sprd/Bfly will not be affected. Should the trader turn on the feature on, their original color coding will take precedence and their colors will not be changed.


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