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Sprd/Bfly Enhancement | Weekly Release 3/3/2023

Enhancement #1: Added support for Japan breakeven inflation rates

Traders can use format “JYGGBE#” to enter Japan breakeven rates, which correspond with the “JYGGBE# Index” in BBG. For example, traders can enter “JYGGBE05” for the Japan breakeven 5-year rate.

Traders can use the following formats to enter currencies into Sprd/Bfly sheets:

Enhancement #2: Added support for the FDTRMID index

Traders can now use “FDTRMID” format to enter the Federal Funds Target Rate Mid-Point into Sprd/Bfly. This rate corresponds with “FDTRMID Index” in the market. Traders can <double-click> the “Sprd” column for historical rates.


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