Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 10/8/21

Enhancement #1

Added support for generic 1st gasoline future by entering “XB1”

Traders who look at the gasoline future (XB 1 COMB Comdty) can now enter it to the Sprd/Bfly as “XB1”.


Enhancement #2

[USD/EUR]: Added OTR RVS set of columns, also available in USD & EUR Bond

Added “OTR RVS”, “OTR dRVS”, “OTR RVS Rich-Chp”, & “OTR RVS ZS” columns.

Note: To add these columns, click “Table” – “Manage Columns”


Enhancement #3

Added auction days in historical graphs for Current Bills & TIPS

When traders double click cells in the “Sprd” column for historical data for current bills & TIPS, auction days will be shown on the graph as orange dots.

Traders can click “Table” to pop up a data table on the right side of the graph where the auction dates will be highlighted.

The historical period can be adjusted using the dropdown at the bottom.