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SEK/NOK Bond Enhancement | Weekly Release 12/09/22

Traders can now leverage the Comp Treasury columns to set the spread between Sweden/Norway and other nations.

The “Comp Sprd” set of columns can be added by clicking “Table” – “Manage Columns”.

To set the Comp Treasury country, traders can <right-click> the “Comp Trsy” column, click the “Set Comp Trsy” menu, and choose the countries & settings listed in the “Country Chooser” pop-up menu.

Finally, traders can send the “Comp Sprd” columns to the Swap box by <right-clicking> the selected cells and choosing the “To Swap Box” menu.

Note 1: When traders choose multiple countries for the Comp Treasury, RVFI will choose the closest Comp Treasury bond to the NOK/SEK bond’s maturity.

Note 2: When traders add the Comp Treasury set of columns to NOK/SEK Bond sheets, the “Comp Trsy” column will be set to the bonds of the same nation, and the rest of the columns will appear blank. Traders need to choose different countries to populate the columns.


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