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RiskVal Fixed Income (RVFI) Weekly Enhancements - 6/28/19

Key Features in this Release:

Sprd/Bfly enhancements

  • [USD] Implemented a pre-built template containing Broad Market tickers, including Equity (SPX, DOW, NASDAQ), Commodity (Crude Oil), Credit (IG & HY), and ED$ Packs

  • Enhanced the GUI layout for both Spread and Butterfly Generators

EUR Supra Sovereign enhancement

  • Added a new “Sort” function to organize the SSAs by “Ticker-Maturity” or “Maturity”

Listed Option SABR Model enhancements

  • Added a new column “ITM Prob” to show the probability of how likely a specific option is of being in-the-money at the expiry date

  • Enhanced Blotter Table which separates calls, puts, and straddles, allowing users to input a specific strike range and auto-populate the Greeks, premium, and ITM Prob

Forward Swap Matrix enhancements

  • Added prefix concept to quickly enter forward starting strategies such as 1x(2/3/5), instead of entering 1x2/1x3/1x5

  • Added OIS 1M and OIS 6M to the “FRA” sub-tab in the lower panel

  • Enhanced organizational ability with the color-coding option

Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements:

Global: Added a table menu item “Reset Table Format” to set all column widths and # of decimal places back to their original state

Bond Roll:

  • Added option to view mean level of a spread strategy as a colored line

  • EUR: Added an OTR Summary table to quickly analyze German, France, Italy, and Spain on-the-run performance

  • EUR: In the live panel and Curve Analysis, added two separate lines to differentiate Italy hi-coupon CMT and low-coupon CMT curves

JPY CMT: Enhanced the curve parameters for smoother fitting in the long-end


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