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RiskVal Fixed Income (RVFI) Weekly Enhancements - 6/21/19

Key Features in this Release:

Bond/Future Spreads & Butterflies Monitor enhancements

  • Enhanced the “Help” menu, which now includes direct links to relevant RVAcademy pages for tutorial video clips and definitions for the trader’s reference. Also available in Forward Swap Matrix and Bond Roll as of this week’s release. RiskVal traders can look forward to this feature across other sheets in upcoming releases

  • Added new options to the “Help” menu that create and auto-populate subsections with strategies of popular product types. This feature is also available in the Forward Swap Matrix

  • Added “Benchmark Residual StDev” and “CT10 Residual StDev” columns to the Alert menu

Bond Roll enhancements

  • [USD] Added setting in Preferences menu to toggle roll-adjustment for OTR, O, OO bonds for different relative value measures and the corresponding history

  • Added ability to select multiple “Forward Date” fields and right-click to “Set Forward Date” for selected bonds

  • Enhanced Gap Analysis → Introduced a dropdown menu to choose between Yield Roll and Curve Roll for Gap Analysis calculations

User Preferences → GUI → Table Management

  • Allow traders to change numerical and non-numerical values by customizing the cell format alignment

Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements:

  • Historical Viewer: Added R-SQUARED to the legend of charts for multivariate regression

  • Bond Trade: For FX Trade Types, added Cumulative PnL for FX Spot and FX Fwd trades as well as FX Options

  • Italy FRN Bond: Added option to normalize multi-graph for Spread of Z-Spread

  • FRA Trade: Added function to show cash flow value for Spot FRA


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