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RiskVal Fixed Income (RVFI) Weekly Enhancements - 5/28/21

Key Features in this Release:

  • Created a new sheet containing USD Agency Floating Rate Notes and “FFCB”, “FHLB”, “FHLMC”, “FNMA” tickers

  • Added support for Federal Farm Credit Bank “FFCB” ticker

  • Added SOFR spread YY/Z set of columns as well as the “OISprd Z Rich Cheap Heatmap” and “OISprd Z ZS” columns, also available in the USD SSA and covered

  • Added "Pricing Time" and "Pricing Curve" columns to indicate the calculation timestamp and curve used for pricing the bonds

  • Add support for "SOFR vs BSBY3M" basis

  • Added support for the SOFR vs BSBY3M basis including IMM basis in the Fwd Swap matrix, as “BSSOFRBSBY3S-#” and “IMMBSSOFRBSBY3S-#” respectively

  • Under the RV Analysis, added coupon difference filter to allow traders to set the coupon difference between each leg in the top strategies

  • Added support for USD SSA tab

  • Added SOFR to “Sprd method” dropdown, to allow traders to mark the SOFR spread

  • Added the "FPar Rate" column to show Par Swap, OIS or SOFR according to spread method selection

Minor Fixes & Enhancements:

USD SSA + Covered: Added support for “ASW Z Rich Cheap Heatmap” and “ASW Z ZS” Columns

USD SSA + Covered – USD Agcy FRN: Added SOFR, SOFR Sprd YY, and SOFR Sprd Z level, daily change, heatmap, and Z-score set of columns

Market View

  • Curves: [CAD] Removed 6M and 12M points from the Libor tab, as they stopped trading on May 17th 2021

  • Basis:In the RV Analysis under the “IMM” tab, system sets curve to be “Basis IMM” on default

Forward Swap Matrix:

  • Added support for "NV2MX10", "NV4MX10", "NV5MX10", "NV7MX10", etc.

  • Added support for "DDMMMYY" format such as "15Sep21", "15Aug21", etc. besides current MMDDYYYY format

  • Added support for SOFRRATE


  • Enhanced Spread and Butterfly generator with “Coupon Diff” filter to allow traders to set a coupon difference in the same strategy

  • Added support for Copper “HG1”

  • [USD] Added longer “SA IOTA” history for TII5, TII10 and TII30

  • Added support for “OIS1X1M” and “GBOIS1x1M”; supported in the Fwd Swap matrix as well

  • Allow users to view the historical data as either weekly change or daily change for a single time series

Historical Viewer:

  • Added support for Copper under the "Broad Market - Commodity Futures”

  • Added preference to configure thickness of User Event lines in the “Events Toggler” menu


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