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RiskVal Fixed Income (RVFI) Weekly Enhancements - 4/9/21

Key Features in this Release:

  • [GBP] For Inflation traders interested in analyzing linkers against the SONIA curve, RiskVal added “SONIA Sprd Z” and “SONIA Spread Z diff” set of columns

  • Under RV Analysis, added filters for “IOTA”, “SA IOTA”, “ASW P” and “Must Include Bods”

  • Added the “Hist” line to the live graphs to compare the live to a historical date from the “Hist” dropdown as well as added the “ASW P Diff”

  • Added "CIX YldSprd(mid)" option to the CIX menu, in addition added CIX Settings to the “Global Preference” menu

  • Add "Tabs" function to allow users to create and save tabs for different contracts

Minor Fixes & Enhancements:

TIPS: [GBP]Added history for "ASW Z Diff ZS" column


  • Added support for "IRRBIORR" rate

  • Added “6s ASW (YY/T/Z)", "6s ASW d(YY/T/Z)", "6s ASW YY 3M C+R", "6s ASW YY 3M C", and “6s ASW YY 3M R" columns

  • Added "ASW 3M C+R", "OISprd 3m C+R", "SSprd/ESprd 3M C+R" calculation for CMT strategies such as CMT10

Trade Blotter:

  • Traders can overwrite “DV01 USD” column under the “Swap” tab

  • Under the “CMS Sprd Option” tab, “Single Look” is selected on default. Also, when switching between Single Lock and Non-Single Lock, RiskVal resets “Strike bp”, “Trade Px pb”, and “Settle Upfront Fee”

CCY SSA and AUD Semi: Added “Must Include bonds" under RV Analysis

Conditional Trade: Added “Rename Tab”, “Delete Tab”, and "Delete selected tabs" under “Tabs” menu

Fed Fund Simulation: Enhanced saving process for Path/ FF rate/ Upper and Lower targets if traders overwrite them from “Edit” - “Save Data” menu

S+SP: Added color highlighting to the system created WIs and user created Wis

CMS Spread Option: enhanced the behavior such that, when strategy is created, the default will be Single Look, when switching to non-single look, the strike bp, trade price, and settle upfront fee would be reset

Basis Swap Monitor: When selecting to show the “Show Fwd Matrix”, “Use BBG Live” will be turned on

Fwd Swap Matrix: Renamed the XCCY RV Country to XCountry RV Analysis


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