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RiskVal Fixed Income (RVFI) Weekly Enhancements - 4/1/22

Key Features in this Release:

  • Added support for cap/floor vol

  • Added ability to configure short term forwards & tails in lower matrix for SOFR Swap

  • [RV Analysis] Added ability to generate different forwards & tails for the same strategy

  • [IRVOL-Skew] Added RV Analysis

  • [CMSprd Vol] Added 1m, 3m, & 6m expiries as well as a table to compare to swaption ATM vols

  • [Strategy Analysis] Added “SOFR/ESTR @ Fwd Date” column

  • [Butterfly Generator] Traders can now use “Advanced” & “Distance/Tolerance” filters simultaneously to generate strategies

  • [Blotter Manager]: If no strategy is selected from left panel, then “Calculation” menu will calculate risk for all tabs displayed

  • Under “Preferences”– “Notional Hedge”, added “Independent” hedging option

  • Added ability to configure lower graphs to show only live, only daily change, or both

  • Added “% Roll”, “FT Open Int”, & “BK Open Int” columns

  • Added ability to choose central bank meeting date roll for all currencies

Minor Fixes & Enhancements:

CCY Bond: “Preferences” – “Show As Floating Graph” will be independent for each tab

Trade Blotter [Import File]:

  • RiskVal will skip importing invalid inputs with a popup dialog summary of failed inputs

  • Added float index field for Swaptions

  • Anotional field for each CCY under XCCY Basis Swap

Forward Swap Matrix: Added support for implied forward rate between date1 and date 2 (for example: EURUSD-FXIMP-USD-M2-M3)


  • Added historical data for TBill ASW YY

  • Extended historical data for UXY1

AUD SSA: Added support for “KBN” ticker

Global Rates Monitor: Added swap spread historical data for ESP, ITL, & FRF

Market ViewCurves: [EUR] Removed 18m from default fitting points


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