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RiskVal Fixed Income (RVFI) Weekly Enhancements - 12/4/20

Key Features in this Release:

  • Replaced the “End=Last Day” flag with a “Save Custom Date Range” flag for enhanced user experience. RiskVal will check this flag for any strategies where the trader inputs a custom start and end date

  • Enhanced the “0 Sprd” selection to include: Par Swap, SOFR columns (USD Bond), and ESTR columns (EUR Bond). In addition, traders can create strategies from these columns and send them to the “Sprd/Bfly”

  • Added an option to display the selected historical graph imbedded within the floating window

  • Support sending of trades directly to the Sprd/Bfly window

  • Updated the top panel to show the Spot spread and Fwd spread information

  • Enhanced Bond vs Bond Future strategies with the ability to calculate the price/yield of the bond leg by calculating the Gross Basis against the Future leg of the strategy

Minor Fixes & Enhancements:

Callable Bond Grid

  • Added the “LIBOR(OIS/SOFR) Sprd

  • Set the default model to LGM-VOLSKEW-ADJ

Callable Trade: Added the SOFR curve to the curve dropdown selection

Forward Swap Matrix:

  • Extended G7 central bank rate coverage to also support AUD RBA rates

  • Added the background heatmap for the lower panel graphs: “CMT”, “OIS - CMT”, “Swap – CMT”+

  • [EUR] Added support for CPISWDE#, also supported in Sprd/Bfly

Market View: For USD, added “oo20” for the double-old 20-year. This ticker is now supported across Sprd/Bfly, USD Bond (“Generic curve point” column), Hist Viewer

RSI: Adjusted the colors for the Bollinger Bands to distinguish them from the other technical analysis. Consistent across Sprd/Bfly, Fwd Swap Matrix, and Hist Viewer

USD Agency: Added the “ASW Z”, “ASW dZ”, “ASW Z rich/cheap” heatmap, “ASW Z ZS” and “FASW Z” columns for spot and fwd ASW Z spread analysis

USD Bond: Enhanced the curve analysis to include the UXY Bond Future


  • Applied the “Flip ASW” flag to the “OIS YY”, “OISprd Z”, “IVSPO YY”, “IVSPO Z

  • Added the option to show/hide the color bar under “Format” – “show color bar

USD S+SP: Added SOFR, SOFR YY, SOFR ASW Z, and Fwd SOFR columns

Historical Viewer: In addition to the HY Index, added “IG Index” time series to the “Broad Markets” - “Credit Indices” section


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