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RiskVal Fixed Income (RVFI) Weekly Enhancements - 1/8/21

Key Features in this Release:

  • [EUR/GBP] Renamed "OISprd YY/Z" to "EONIA/SONIA Sprd YY/Z", which applies to the level, change on day, heatmap, and z-score columns

  • Added new columns to estimate rolldown which include: “OISprd Z 3M R”, and “SOFR/ESTR Sprd Z 3M R” for USD/EUR Bond sheets

  • [EUR] In RV Analysis, added flag to see strategies using the same country

  • Allow inflation traders to configure the coupon range to filter the matched treasury bond selection used for the BEI

  • Added an option to “Mute” all incoming alerts across all sheets

  • Added “Sound” setting for notifications

  • Allow traders to remove columns at the sheet level

  • Standardized SOFR/ESTR YY/Z” columns to “SOFR/ESTR Sprd YY/Z” across USD/EUR Sprd/Bfly, USD/EUR Bond, USD/EUR TBill, USD Agency, USD S+SP, and Swap Box

  • Renamed the AUD Semi sheet as AUD State, with added support for the following tickers: NSWTC, NTTC, QTC, SAFA, TASCOR, TCV, WATC

  • Enhanced the Bermudan and European grids with a tooltip to reference information the Call Probability, YTM, YTC, and CMT OAS

  • Allow traders to customize the Bermuda Call Frequency

  • Added columns to calculate the Expected Maturity Par Rate and Callable Yield

Minor Fixes & Enhancements:


  • Added “Meeting Date” column for Central Bank strategies like FOMC1

  • Added support for “USCRWCAS” ticker for crude oil

  • Added support for IMM FRA and IMM OIS strategies

  • [EUR/ GBP] Added the “3s ASW YY” and “3s ASS dYY” columns

CCY Bond Roll

  • [USD/EUR] Added “SOFR/ESTR”, “SOFR/ESTR Sprd YY/Z” options for the Zero Spread and Zero Bfly Types

  • Added flip function for butterfly graphs [also added to USD Agency]

Fwd Swap Matrix

  • In the “Swap-CMT” and “OIS-CMT” tabs, added a “Flip” option to calculate live and historical as CMT rate – Swap (or OIS) rate

  • In the “CMT” tab, added ability to select two or more cells to generate a multi, sprd, or bfly graph

  • Added support for broken-dated SOFR and ESTR swaps

  • Added support for broken dated cross-currency basis swaps such as BSUSD3SEUR6S-01152021x05152025

Market View – Basis Swap: For “AUDOIS vs FF”, added 3M, 6M, and 9M terms (also available in the Basis Swap Monitor, and Custom Basis Swap sheets)

Trade Blotter

  • Enhanced the csv/txt trade import to support Basis Swaps

  • Enhanced the csv/txt trade import for Swaps to include “upfront fee”

Fut Cal Roll: Added Back IRR-Front IRR column, which is the difference between the back contract’s implied repo and front contract’s implied repo rate

Calendar ASW

  • [USD/EUR] Added “Spot”, “FwdDt1” and “FwdDt2” columns for SOFR/ESTR, SOFR/ESTR Sprd YY/Z

Swap Box

  • Reorganized “Calculation” menu to make it consistent with Trade Blotter

  • In the Strategy Analysis, added columns to calculate the spot and fwd SOFR/ESTR Sprd

EUR TIPS: Resolved the “ASW Z Diff” historical graph bug


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