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[NEW] USD Agency DN | Weekly Release 8/7/20

Created a new USD Agency Discount Notes (DN) sheet for agency traders to analyze Zero Coupon Agency Discount Notes. Supported tickers include: FNMDN, FREDN, FFCBDN, and FHLBDN

To help traders analyze Agency Discount Notes, the sheet has been added with the functionalities like the Agency Bond sheet but tailored to Discount Note tickers.

  1. Traders can see the Treasury BM Spread

  2. See the Live Graph, which depicts the bonds’ spreads relative to each other in real time

  3. Filters can be leveraged to trim down the bond list for better focus

Additionally, traders can leverage the pre-created tabs to organize tickers into watchlists.

Click “Tabs” -> “Create Standard Tabs”. Click “Select All” to check all tickers, and then “Create”.


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