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[New] Historical Viewer | Weekly Release 8/14/20

The Historical Viewer sheet has been reworked and reorganized to increase usability, convenience, and is more intuitive

In this week’s release, certain elements of the sheet have been moved around to be in more accessible locations and reduce the amount of time needed on navigation.

First, the “Saved Strategies” location has been moved from a wide horizontal box in the top right of the sheet to resemble a simpler vertical index on the left side of the sheet. This hierarchy will be familiar to users who frequently visit the “Strategy Analysis” tab of Swap Box. The upper third of the sheet (proportions can be resized manually) is dedicated to the data series, formulas, and date range. Additionally, if a traders selects multiple data series at a time from the Data Series Chooser window the Series list will now automatically update to reflect the number chosen.

The regression data table and historical data table have been moved to their own drop-down menu section between the data series section atop and graph at the bottom. This allows traders to hide this information when they’re solely interested in looking at the historical graph. Additionally, the historical data table is now more accessible as traders don’t have to navigate to the utility drop-down to enable it. The historical graph at the bottom is in the same location and layout as the old sheet as it’s the most convenient.

The “Strategy”, “Import Events”, and “Utility” buttons have been moved to be drop-downs in the top-left (above the Saved Strategies) renamed “Edit”, “Tools”, and “Preferences” respectively. Additionally, the “New Strategy” and “Save” options have been moved to be dedicated buttons next to the “Preferences” menu for quick and easy access. Lastly, under the “Preferences” menu there is a new option to set the end of the historical time frame as the most last trading day that has passed.

Of note: all saved strategies in the Old Historical Viewer will automatically be exported to the new Historical Viewer sheet so traders don’t have to do it manually.


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