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[New] Global IVSP | Weekly Release 7/10/20

New Sheet: Created a new screening tool for invoice spread analysis which combines G7 + AUD currencies as separate tabs

Previously, the different CCY IVSP tabs were divided up into separate windows. Traders had to go to Window – Invoice Spread – CCY Invoice Spread and open each relevant IVSP tab as a separate window. The New Global IVSP window simplifies this process by combining all individual IVSP windows into one. The countries that are present in this window are based on the enabled currencies (in Market View – CCY Config) and are sorted by tabs.

The New Global IVSP window is functionally identical to the individual CCY IVSP windows, so traders will be able to continue utilizing the functions and tools they are already familiar with. The screenshot below shows the new window with the EUR tab as the focus. The row of tabs in which traders can switch between different currencies is highlighted in the green box.

Of note: Traders can also utilize the “Export View” and “Import View” functions to transfer their column layout from one of the individual CCY IVSP windows to the New Global IVSP window, just like the EUR S+SP sheet.


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