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New Global IVSP Enhancements | Weekly Release 06/23/2023

Enhancement #1: Added “Dlv dESTR/dSOFR” columns

In this week’s release, RiskVal added “Dlv dESTR/dSOFR” columns in EUR/USD tab to show daily changes for “Dlv ESTR/SOFR” columns. Traders can add the columns from “Table” – “Manage Columns” to their current views.

Enhancement #2: Added “Sprd from GC %” column, also available in Fut Cal Roll & Fut CTD

Traders can now enter repo spread to GC in the “Sprd from GC%” column to see the effect of the repo special on the Net Basis.

The column is also available in Fut Cal Roll and Fut CTD, however, these are independent from each other.


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