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[New] EUR S+SP | Weekly Release 7/10/20

New Sheet: Created a new sheet for all EUR S and SP bonds to replace individual EUR S+SP sheets

Previously, the EUR S & SP security sheets were divided among four different sheets (DEM S, DEM SP, FRF SP, and ITL SP). This caused users who traded all EUR STRIP products to have to continually switch between four sheets and navigate to the correct tab. This enhancement alleviates the need to continually bounce between sheets by creating a single sheet with all EUR STRIP products supported.

While the original four sheets are preserved for traders who would like to utilize them, this new sheet has been added for those who would like to consolidate their EUR STRIPS tracking into one.

Traders can utilize the “Country” selector button to set which countries of the three supported are included, as well as the “Ticker Chooser” button to further parse between the German S and SP offerings.

Of note: For a smooth transition to the new sheet, traders can utilize the “Export View” and “Import View” functions to seamlessly transfer their column layout from one of the individual sheets to the new EUR S+SP sheet.


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