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Market View Enhancements | Weekly Release 09/08/2023

Enhancement #1: [Repo] Added new repo file to import all countries’ repo in EUR at once, called “Open GC Sample File (.csv)"

In this week’s release, traders can import all countries’ repo in the “EUR” tab at once by using the “Open GC Sample File (.csv)” repo file.

From the “Help” – “Open Sample File” menu, traders can access the sample file and enter the customized repo rates for EUR countries.

To load the file, traders can click on the “Import GC & Special” menu. Once the pop-up window opens, traders can select the sample file by clicking the “Browse” button & click the “Import” button to load the repo rates.

Enhancement #2: [IRVOL] Added support for 9m & 18m expiries in RV Analysis

From the “Expiry” pop-up, traders can now filter 9M & 18M expiries as a part of the analysis by checking them and clicking “Apply”.

To generate the top performing strategies with the conditions, traders can hit the “Generate Strategies”.

Note: The “Ann RV Analysis” menu is located under the “Analysis” menu in the “Market View” – “IRVol” tab.


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