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Historical Viewer Enhancements | Weekly Release 5/27/22

Enhancement #1

Added ability to plot weekly change, also available in Sprd/Bfly & Forward Swap Matrix

Traders can now set and view the “Weekly change” of a time series from “Preferences”“Use Change” – “None/Daily/Weekly”. The data and graph will update after hitting the “Plot” button on the top right of the tab.

Note: Traders can find the setting in the historical graph pop-up in Sprd/Bfly and Forward Swap Matrix as well

Enhancement #2:

Added support for “ATWI” index

Traders can plot “ATWI” index in the Historical Viewer sheet. To access historical data, traders can click on “Click to Browse” Button. Then on the pop up, click on “Broad Market”“Eco Indices”“ATWI Index” and then “Select”“Plot” to see the historical time series.

Enhancement #3

Added “Normalize” function to Seasonality analysis

When traders enter series & formulas, under the “Data & Regression” section, RiskVal will open a “Seasonality” tab. Traders can set the “Anchor” & check “Normalize” box. Hit “Apply” to add the seasonality settings to the historical graph.

Note: From “Data” tab traders can access seasonality timeseries

Enhancement #4

Added the option to duplicate a saved strategy

In this week’s release, traders can duplicate already existing strategies in the Historical Viewer. They can <right click> on the saved strategy and hit “Save As” or click on the strategy and leverage “Edit” – “Save As”.


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