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Historical Viewer Enhancement | Weekly Release 06/30/2023

In this week’s release, GBP traders can now plot the OISwap spread historical data. To start with, traders can open “Series Chooser” from the Series table. In the pop-up Data Series Chooser, traders can select “OIS Swap Spread” – “GBP” – “#Y” and plot the GBP OISwap Spread strategy.

Traders also can send the GBP OISwap Spread data directly from “GBP Sprd/Bfly” to “Historical Viewer”. To send the strategy over to “Historical Viewer”, traders can enter the “OISCT##” ticker in “GBP Sprd/Bfly”, select the cell(s) under the “Sprd” column, <right-click> and select “to Historical Viewer”.


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