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Global Rates Monitor Enhancement| Weekly Release 9/23/22


Added support for all CCYs on “Auto Build”

RiskVal has expanded support for all CCYs in the Global Rates Monitor. To add a CCY to this sheet, go to “Market View” – “Curves” & under the CCY tab check “Auto Build”.

If the CCY is not displayed under the “Curves” tab, first go to the “CCY Config” tab, select the CCY, & click “Save User Config”. The selected CCY(s) will appear under the “Curves” tab.

In Global Rates Monitor, traders can manage which CCYs are displayed in the sheet by clicking “Preferences” – “CCY Settings”. All CCYs which are set to “Auto Build” will be displayed here. To add a CCY to the sheet, move it from “Available CCY” to “Selected CCY” & click “Apply”.

In the following example, MXN CCY is added to the Global Rates Monitor.


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