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Global Preferences Enhancement | Weekly Release 4/29/22

Added ability to change meeting cutoff dates across RiskVal

To further support traders on setting the global calculation preferences, in this week’s release, traders can now change meeting cutoff dates across RiskVal with more flexibility. For example, US FOMC Meeting Date Lag [0,1,2, etc.] is added to the new release as a replacement of US FOMC Meeting Data Roll [T, T+1].

If a trader wants to roll the data one day after the meeting data for ECB Meetings (T+1), they can follow the steps below:

1- Click on “Preferences”“Global Preferences”

2- Check on “Show advanced settings”

3- Search for “meeting” in the “Search Config” search bar

4- Enter “1” in “EU ECB Meeting Data Roll Lag”

5- Finally, hit “Apply” to set


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