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Fwd Swap Matrix & Sprd/Bfly Enhancements | Weekly Release 5/29/20

The Alerts Management has been broken up into two new menus, “Set Alert” and “Config Alerts”. Both of these menus can be found in either the Forward Swap Matrix or the Sprd Bfly, under the “Tools” menu.

Enhancement #1

Config Alert: added shortcut under ‘Tools’ menu to manage the alert settings for notifications and effects

This pop-up window will show all the alerts settings outside of the alert itself.

  • Time: time frame in which the alerts will be active

  • Notification: method of delivery

  • Trigger: when to be notified, either instantly after the alert is triggered or after a custom delay

  • Effects: set the amount of time for the alert to flash or the trigger can stay highlighted until it is acknowledged.


Enhancement #2

Set Alert: where Traders can set which strategies will have which alerts

“Clear All Filters” button will allow traders to delete all alerts settings

Mute Alerts: to allow traders to mute alerts, as opposed to deleting them

Leveraging these two settings the trader can either mute or delete all the alerts from the tab selected.


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