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Forward Swap Matrix Enhancements | Weekly Release 8/27/21

Enhancement #1

Added option to send bond future strategies (generic and issue-specific) “ToTradeBlotter”

Traders can send futures from the Forward Swap Matrix to the Trade Blotter.

  1. Highlight the futures

  2. <Right click> and select “To Trade Blotter

  3. In the pop up, select where to send the futures

  4. Finally, the futures will show in the Trade Blotter


Enhancement #2

[GBP] Added option to send SFI Futures (generic and issue-specific) “ToTradeBlotter” from RV Analysis

Traders can now send the SFI future strategies from the RV Analysis directly to the trade blotter.

To send the bonds, Select the futures and <right click> and select "To Trade Blotter" -"DV01 Hedge". The future strategies will be sent to the Trade Blotter


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