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Future Calendar Roll Monitor Enhancements | Weekly Release 10/18/19

Enhancement #1

Added ability to send any pair to the Calendar ASW, remembering trader’s “Fwd Repo” if marked in the Fut Cal Roll

Traders can enter a custom Forward Repo rate in the “Fwd Repo” column for a future pair. Now, when traders right click on a future pair and click “To Calendar ASW” the Forward Repo will be maintained in the trade in Cal ASW. This enhancement will add convenience for traders who regularly use the Fut Cal Roll monitor to overview the global futures market and send trades to the Calendar ASW for more detailed analysis.


Enhancement #2

Added tooltips with column definitions to help distinguish column names

Traders can hover over any column for a tooltip and the column name description. Additionally, from the Table – Manage Columns, traders can find column definitions upon clicking on one of the column names.


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