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Forward Forward Matrix Enhancement | Weekly Release 09/08/2023

Traders can further leverage the Fwd Fwd Matrix by setting alerts for the spread, change on day, mean, and so on. This way, they can have the alerts tell them when the basis has reached or surpassed the level selected. In addition to this, traders can pop out the tabs to have multiple screens visible at one time.

To create alerts, traders can <right click> and select “Set Alerts”. In the pop up, enter the upper and lower boundaries for the alert.

To pop out the tab, <right click> on the tab and select “Pop out Tab”.

Note: Traders can access the “Alert Config” and the “Set Alert” from the “Tools” menu

The alerts will show up in the “Alert Monitor” as per usual. Traders can view the previous alerts in the “Blotter”, as in the screenshot below.


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