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Sprd/Bfly Enhancement | Weekly Release 2/18/22

Enhancement #1

[Seasonality] Added ability to configure monthly date range

Traders looking to see historical partitioned by certain days within a month can do so in the “Seasonality” function of the historical chart.

  1. While on the historical chart, click on “Seasonality

  2. In the “Anchor” dropdown, select “Monthly Date Range

  3. Enter the date range to display in the “From” and “To” boxes

  4. Finally, click “Apply

Enhancement #2

[EUR] Added “IRR” & “IRR ESTR” columns

Traders who would like to see the Future’s Implied Repo Rate and the Spread of the Implied Repo Rate to the ESTR rate, now have the columns available in the EUR Sprd/Bfly.

To add the columns, click on “Table” -> “Manage Columns”.

Search for “IRR”, then add the columns to your view and save it.

Note: The IRR and IRR ESTR columns are already available in the New Global IVSP

Enhancement #3

In historical popup graphs, weight of the strategy will be shown in the title

When populating historical graphs from Sprd/Bfly & Fwd Swap Matrix sheets, traders can see selected weight in the graph.

Weight in the graph will match “Weight” column.

Note: <right click> on “Weight” column to change weight


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