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Central Bank Rate Sim Enhancements| Weekly Release 5/24/2024

Enhancement #1

Renamed “Fed Fund Simulation” sheet to “CB Rate Sim” & separated tab structure to “Hike Prob” & “Simulation Path”


Fed Fun Sim sheet has now been renamed to “CB Rate Sim” in this week’s release. All functionalities remain the same.


In addition, previously Hike Probability & Simulation Path functionalities were in the same tab. For ease of usability, these two functions have been separated into two separate tabs, “Hike Prob” & “Simulation Path”. If desired, the order of these tabs can be rearranged by dragging & dropping.

Enhancement #2

Renamed add/remove dates preference


Under “Edit” – “Num Of Meeting”, traders can set the number of meeting dates to view in the sheet. After changing number of meetings, “Calc Prob” will need to be clicked again to recalculate the expected number of rate hikes or cuts by the end of the year. A positive value indicates the number of likely hikes while a negative value indicates the number of likely cuts. To see when and in what range these hikes or cuts are likely to occur, traders can analyze the Central Bank Hike Prob(%), Hike Prob Detail, & CB Meeting Impact(%) tables.


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