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CCY Sprd/Bfly Enhancement | Weekly Release 6/7/2024

# 1: Added support for Cap/Floor ATM strike for forward structures


In this week’s release, traders can now view the “Cap/Floor ATM Strike” for forward structures in Sprd/Bfly by entering “CFVOL[Forward]x[Tail]@ATM]” ticker.





# 2: [Seasonality] Traders can save default settings by currency


From “Preferences”- “Graph” – “Seasonality Settings”, traders have the option to set default settings for their seasonality graphs to save time when loading historical data. This setting will apply to the local CCY Sprd/Bfly sheet.


Note: To load Seasonality analysis, double click on any field that has historical data and click on “Seasonality” button.



# 3: [Seasonality] Added ability to configure line colors


In this week’s release, traders can assign specific line color to each timeseries on the Seasonality graph. After populating Seasonality graph, traders have option to set “Line Color” in the popup.

To apply changes, traders should make sure to hit “Apply” button in the popup. 


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