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CCY Sprd/Bfly Enhancement| Weekly Release 5/3/2024

# 1: [Seasonality] Added “Last Period” box for users to load most recent spread history

This week's release includes a new feature that allows traders to load the most recent historical trend of the seasonality analysis. 

To view the most recent trend from the historical data, traders can check the "Last Period" checkbox and click on "Apply". This will display the historical graph of the most recent spread history only.


# 2: [Seasonality] Added Issue and Supply support for EU benchmark bonds


In this week’s release, RiskVal added the “SSA EU” auction dates as the Seasonality Anchor.


To access this feature, traders can go to the “Eco Event” – “Govt Auctions” menu and select the “SSA EU” option. Once the anchor setting is selected, traders can hit “Apply” to apply the seasonality.

# 3: Added support for daily & weekly change in graphs as a bar chart


In this week’s release, RiskVal added the option to view daily and weekly changes of the historical graph in a bar chart format.


To view changes in a bar chart, traders can go to “Preferences “Global Preferences– “GUI Preferences– “Graph Setting”, set the “Show Chg Graph As Bar Chart” option to “Yes” before clicking “Apply”.


Once the setting is turned on, traders can select the option under the “Change” dropdown of the pop-up window to view the daily/weekly change historical graph in bar chart format.


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