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CCY Bond Enhancement | Weekly Release 1/6/2023

Enhancement #1: Added conditional formatting functionality

Traders can access conditional formatting function by <right-clicking> in any column & choosing “Manage Conditional Color”. In the Manage Conditional Color box:

1) Select a metric from the left panel

2) Set the condition using the “Condition” dropdown. More than one condition can be set for a metric.

3) Set the value, or values if Condition chosen is Between, using the “Value” boxes

4) Set the color to highlight cells with if condition is met using the “Color” dropdown

5) Click “Save

Cells in the sheet will be highlighted in the selected color if the set condition(s) is met.

Enhancement #2: Special repos will be highlighted with light yellow background

Traders who enter their own Special Repo under “Market View” - “Repo” or override the CCY Bond’s “3M GC Repo Sprd” will notice a yellow highlight on the “3M Repo” cell. This will indicate that the trader has overwritten the Repo special. This will help traders determine if the repo is their own or RiskVal’s GC repo.

In the Example below, we have overwritten the Spread to GC and RVFI automatically highlighted the 3M Repo column.

Note: Traders can also import the Repo Special from under “Market View” - “Repo


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