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CCY Bond Enhancement | Weekly Release 1/13/2023

Enhancement #1: [EUR] Added ability to add additional future rows

In previous releases, futures would be set as the benchmark for countries that are not the same as said futures; For example, setting German futures as the benchmark for Netherlands bonds. In this case, however, the future price would not be available for reference, even though the futures are loaded.

In this week’s release, we added the option to load select futures into each tab individually. To open the menu, click on “Preferences” – “Add Additional Future”. In the pop up, select the futures to be added to the sheet.

In the example below, Netherlands does not have a future. The German futures will be used as benchmarks. <Click> under “Preferences” – “Add Additional Future”. Then, in the pop up select the futures to be included in the bond roll.

Note: The “Load Future Rows” flag is still available for adding futures in local country.

Enhancement #2: Added ability to include/exclude BBG WI’s from daily change graph

To do so, click “Preferences” – “Graph” & in the dropdown check/uncheck “Include BBG WI Bonds in dGraph” to include/exclude BBG WI’s in the daily change graph.

Enhancement #3: Updated color management tool

In this week’s release RiskVal added option for coloring bonds in the live graph without affecting the colors on the table itself.

Traders can personalize how RiskVal shows bonds in the Bond roll sheet from “Format” – “Color Management” tool. In the “Color Management” menu, there is the option to color code headers, rows & now lower graphs. After selecting specific colors for each Country or Orig from the palette, hit “Apply”. RiskVal will respect their selections and adjust.


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