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Bond Roll Enhancements | Weekly Release 9/20/19

Enhancement #1

[EUR] Added ability to set the country for “Comp Trsy Sprd” easier by selecting one or multiple securities and choosing in the right-click menu.

To allow more flexibility in the “Comp Trsy” column, traders select a group of bonds and set the “Comp Trsy” for the selected group without disturbing the surrounding bonds. See example below.

Below, see how the “Comp Trsy” is set to France only. Then, a set of those bonds’ “Comp Trsy” is changed to Germany without disturbing the surrounding bonds.


Enhancement #2

Added feature to let users restore column views from previous dates. To make it easier for traders who have overridden their column layout and would like to go back to the original, the “restore” function has been added.

To restore your original view:

1. “Table” - “Manage Columns”

2. In the “manage columns” pop up, on the bottom right is the “restore” function

3. Select either “latest” or “specific date”

4. Select the view and hit “apply”

5. Confirm overriding the current view with the original view


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