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Bond Roll Enhancements | Weekly Release 8/5/22

Enhancement #1

[Curve Analysis] Added ability to plot curve as of custom date

For traders who leverage the “Curve Analysis” to see the different type of treasury curves on the same graph, can now add historical curves as well. Trader can enter a historical date from the “Config” – “Custom Date(MM/dd/yyyy)” – “<Enter custom date>” to see the curve as of that date.

Enhancement #2

Added ability to customize position filter size

In this release, traders have more freedom on creating filters for the position column. These filters can be leveraged to create custom tabs.

To create the filters:

1- Click on “Position”.

2- In the pop up, click on “Custom Columns”.

3- Create the filter using the “</>/=” dropdown and the space provided.

4- Click on “Apply

When going back to the “Choose Position Filter”, the created a filter will be there, where they can be selected and applied, as in the screenshot below.


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