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Bond Roll Enhancement | Weekly Release 5/20/22

Added ability to create custom formula columns, also available in Sprd/Bfly & Forward Swap Matrix

To create custom formula columns:

1) Click “Table” – “Manage Columns

2) In the “Manage Columns” window, click “Custom Columns” & then in the popup window click “New”.

3) Name the column

4) Create the formula using the signs (+, -, *, /, (,) ) & columns from the left panel.

a. To add a sign to the formula, simply click it.

b. To add a column to the formula, select it from the left panel & click “Add Col”.

c. To undo an entry, click “Backspace”.

d. The created formula will appear next to “Formula”.

5) After creating the formula, click “Save”.

6) After closing the “Custom Columns” window, the newly created column will appear in the “Available Columns” menu. To add it to the current view, move it to “Displayed Columns” & click “Save/Save As”. The column will appear in the sheet.


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