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Bond Roll Enhancement | Weekly Release 2/7/20

Exclude Bond Management and updated reload & refresh watchlist function w/ new options

The watchlist concept in RVFI has been revamped to be more streamlined and have clearer options when organizing bond lists. Traders can now utilize three new menu options under Tools.

  • Refresh Filtered Bonds: this option removes or updates all bonds that fit the parameters of the filter menu bar (such that they meet the requirements set by the original issue series, maturity sector, issue size, coupon range, and Federal Reserve holding level).

  • Load All Bonds: loads the entire universe of bonds and ignores any prior filtering settings.

  • Exclude Bonds: excludes specific bonds from a tab even if those bonds meet all the requirements of the filter settings.

The following example demonstrates the functionality of the “Exclude Bonds” tool. The custom tab includes 2, 3, 5, and 7-year original issue series maturing between Jan 1, 2021 and Jan 1, 2023 with a coupon of up to 3%.

If a trader would like to remove certain bond or set of bonds from this watchlist, even though it meets all the requirements based on the filters, they can do so by clicking “Tools” – “Exclude Bonds”. Then, in the pop-up window such as these highlighted 5 and 7 years around the TUH0 future and CT 2. Then click the “Show Bonds” button in the “Bond Chooser” and click the “Save” button.

Once the pop-up is gone, navigate back to the “Tools” menu and click “Refresh Filtered Bonds” to have the newly excluded bonds removed from the watchlist.


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