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Bond Roll Analysis Enhancements| Weekly Release 3/22/2024

# 1: Added “Split Lower Graph” preference

Traders can pop-out live and daily change graphs from the indicator in the upper right corner. This is equivalent to Preferences” - “Graph” – “Lower Graphs” - “Show as Floating Window”.

Traders can use “Split” button to split live and daily change graphs and separately place them on their desktop.  This function is equivalent to “Preferences” - “Graph” – “Lower Graphs” – “Split Lower Graph”.

Traders can click on the “Merge” button to put the graphs back together.


# 2: Added ability to import “MM Position” from Trade Blotter


From the Bond section, traders can click on “Tools” – “Export” – “Export Position” and in the pop-up tab select the file path before hitting “OK


In the Bond sheet, from “Table” – “Manage Columns” traders can add “MM Position” column, and from “Tools” – “Import” – “Import Positions” select folder and import file from Trade Blotter.

By doing this RiskVal will import MM Notional values.



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