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AUD Sprd/Bfly Enhancement | Weekly Release 3/13/20

Added ability to send strategies to AUD Sprd/Bfly from AUD Semi and AUD SSA sheets

Support for AUD SSA and Semi-Government Bonds are now supported in the AUD Sprd/Bfly window. This allows traders to create strategies comprised of these securities in AUD Sprd/Bfly. Additionally, spread and butterfly strategies generated through historical graphs in the AUD Semi and AUD SSA sheets can be sent to AUD Sprd/Bfly.

The example below shows the EIB 2.9 Oct 25/ EIB 0.5 July 23 ASW T spread strategy in the AUD SSA sheet and where to click to send it to AUD Sprd/Bfly

The following screenshot is the same strategy in AUD Sprd/Bfly


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