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Alerts Enhancements | Weekly Release 5/1/20

Enhancement #1

Added preference to popup the Alert Monitor when new alerts get triggered to let traders use RVFI as a personal trading assistant

To help traders focus on the alerts as they are being triggered, the Alert monitor has the option to pop up in front of the other screens to draw the attention to it.

To turn on the pop up as the alerts are triggered, click on “Preferences” – “Popup when triggered”.


Enhancement #2

Allow traders to double click on triggered alerts from the Alert Monitor and RiskVal will instantly bring trader to the sheet/tab and also flash the strategy row for quick decision making

When the alerts are triggered and appear in the Alert Monitor, it can be tricky to pinpoint where the alert is positioned. To help traders find the strategies with the alerts, they can <double click> the alert row, it will pop up the tab where the strategy is saved, as well as flash the row.


Enhancement #3

Enhanced Sprd/Bfly alert management such that the column layout automatically reflects the corresponding tab layout

For traders to avoid having to maintain two different views, one of the alerts menu and one for the Sprd/Bfly window, the “Table” – “Manage Columns” menu was removed from the “Manage Alerts”. The column layout in the Manage Alerts menu will reflect the layout of the Sprd/Bfly. This way traders will always have the columns on hand.


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