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Alert Monitor Enhancements | Weekly Release 5/8/20


[New] Aggregator Tab: the alerts will be reorganized into a hierarchy starting with the sheet – strategy – alerts for each strategy. Traders can configure alert limits to set a limit for how many alerts to display

To help traders manage alerts, a new tab in the alert monitor was added, the “Aggregator”. The aggregator will separate the alerts into a hierarchy to better organize them. This way traders can see all the alerted strategies separated by sheet/ strategy/alerts.

At a quick glance, traders can see which alerts and how many times each alert was triggered.

To avoid clutter on the Alert Monitor screen, there is a Limit function which will allow traders to choose how many alerts per strategy are shown.

· To set the limit for all strategies, go to “Preferences” -> “Limit Alert”

· To set the limit for a specific strategy, right-click from the folder or trade level in the hierarchy menu

The example below uses a max of 2 alerts for all strategies. This way there are only two of the most recently triggered alerts, instead of all alerts triggered.



Allow traders to enable/disable alerts with an added ‘mute’ function in the Aggregator & Blotter tabs

Managing multiple alerts while the markets move can get overwhelming, to help traders mute alerts that have been acknowledged on one sheet has been added to the Aggregator tab of the “Alert Monitor”. This way traders can mute/unmute alerts as they are coming on the same sheet.

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