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Alert Monitor Enhancements | Weekly Release 5/29/20

Enhancement #1

[Blotter] Limit Alert has been enabled to allow traders to limit how many alerts to view per strategy

To help traders view the strategies that have alerts triggered, the “Limit Alert” under “Preferences” has been added. Even though, there have been a lot of Alerts, the Alert Monitor only shows two per strategy (By default) to keep it cleaner and easier to digest when several strategies are triggered intraday



Added Alert Type as a column to indicate which type of alert is set for the strategy

To help traders see which metric the alert was triggered from, the “Type” column was added. In the table below, see the alerts that were triggered with the “Type” of either Sprd or CMT RVS as demonstrated in the example below.



Added “Manage Columns” for traders to customize the column layout

Traders can rearrange their columns in the Alert Monitor to better organize the date as they need it. Traders can keep the columns use to identify their strategies towards the left of the table.


Commenting has been turned off.
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