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Alert Configuration Enhancements | Weekly Release 10/30/20

Enhancement #1

Added an option to activate alerts after a set number of minutes once RiskVal is fully initialized and connected to the Market Data

Traders have the option to set the number of minutes to delay the activation of alerts after RiskVal is fully initialized and connected to the market data. This allows RiskVal to go through the first few curve builds and pricing iterations and ensure the market data is synced before triggering any alerts. It will minimize false alerts due to bad data upon start up.


Enhancement #2

Added a notification frequency option to send an alert either “Only Once” or “Every Occurrence”

The “Notification Frequency” will allow the traders to be alerted “Only Once” or at “Every Occurrence”.


Enhancement #3

Added an option to group alert emails to use a batch interval

This option allows the traders to choose how often, in minutes, to receive e-mails from RiskVal alerts. This option is turned on when the “Notification Frequency” is set to “Every Occurrence”. Due to the behavior of the “Notification Frequency”.

To set the Email:

  1. Check on “E-mail

  2. Enter the E-mail address

  3. In notification frequency, select “Every Occurrence”

  4. Select, in minutes, how often to send batch e-mails

The batch alerts are set to send every 30 mins, however the first alert will be sent immediately after the boundary is crossed, such that the next alert e-mail will be sent a half hour after the 1st "batched" email was sent. The “batched” e-mail will include a summary of the alerts in that half-hour period.


Enhancement #4

Added Tool Tips to describe what each setting represents

To elaborate on what each setting controls, there are tool tips added to each selection. To see them, hover over the setting.

These are some of the tool tips available.


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