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Alert Configuration Enhancements | Weekly Release 1/8/21

Enhancement #1

Added an option to “Mute” all incoming alerts across all sheets

Traders can set their Alerts to be muted all at once by selecting the “Mute” option in the Alert Config. Even after restart, the Alerts will be muted, unless the trader manually goes back to set it to either “Only Once” or “Schedule”


Enhancement #2

Added “Sound” setting for alert notifications

Traders can change alert notification sound based on their preferences.

From any of the RiskVal sheets, traders can select “Tools” - “Config Alerts”. On the alert configuration sheet, under the ‘Notification’ section, traders can select “Sound” check-box, and from the “Sound#” dropdown list select and test all eight sounds.

To save a selected sound, traders should hit “Apply”.

Selected sound applies to all alert notifications across all sheets.


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