RiskVal launches new thought leadership article on solving buy-side trading challenges with effective analytics



New York, April 16, 2018 — RiskVal Financial Solutions has published a thought leadership article on Bobsguide entitled “Solving buy-side trading challenges with effective analytics” in order to offer advice to buy-side firms looking for effective analytics solutions to address current market challenges.

People nowadays find themselves living in very turbulent times, with political and economic instability all over the world, ranging from the impending Brexit to the escalation of trade tensions. As the financial sector is a litmus test to all world events, financial professionals must always be equipped with the right tools to evaluate risks and conduct sophisticated analyses under any circumstances. Over the past few years, super low rates, lack of market liquidity, and the drying up of trading volume have reduced profitability for many buy-side firms. These challenges make it harder for portfolio managers to apply their existing trading strategies to collect alpha.

If buy-side firms are to meet and overcome the latest market challenges, they need to utilize effective analytics and portfolio management solutions.

RiskVal believes that the key factors of effective analytics solutions are: real-time P&L and risk management, real-time portfolio management, real-time risk management, and factor-based historical VaR. Finally, firms should implement these solutions effectively by leveraging outside solution providers, which will give them the benefits of saving time and reducing the cost of development.

Read the thought leadership article ‘Solving buy-side trading challenges with effective analytics’ on Bobsguide here.