Key Features:

  • Cost-effective Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted OMS solution.
  • An OMS solution with an integrated award-winning pre-trade analytics package.
  • Efficient liquidity and price discovery platform for portfolio managers.
  • Flexible construction of trading strategies to monitor their relative value performance.
  • 15+ years of historical time series data to support trade regression test.
  • Sophisticated ALERT module on trade level and relative value levels.
  • Growing numbers of EMS connectivity.

Advanced ALGO Feature:

  • RiskVal can assist clients in customizing RVOMS for their firm-specific ALGO trading platform.

RVOMS: Order Management System

As the fixed income market moves from traditional OTC operations toward electronic trading, dealers are offering EMS platforms to enable buy-side hedge funds or asset managers to execute trades electronically.  At the same time, many OMS solutions are developed by dealers or third-party solution providers, but none of the OMS systems are integrated with pre-trade analytics.

RiskVal’s OMS solution is an extension of our award winning pre-trade analytics (RVFI), which many buy-side firms are relying on to look up for the best alpha generating strategies.  Many portfolio managers already leverage RiskVal’s RVFI to model up all their trading strategies, and utilize the trade alert feature to keep track of trading opportunities. Before RVOMS, portfolio managers would have to go to other OMS systems to re-enter the trade detail and submit the order to EMS systems. This creates many potential issues, such as the moving away of trade level, or human error in entering trade detail. The RVOMS solution streamlines the operation seamlessly and avoids any execution error.

RVOMS provides a very solid framework to enable portfolio managers to construct customized ALGO trading, as it fully integrates with RVFI’s pre-trade analytics, RVOMS, and dealer’s EMS systems. Portfolio managers can create their ALGO logic in RVOMS, and fully automate the trading operation based on strategy expected return, risk allocation, and legging execution plan.

Like all RiskVal solutions, RVOMS is being constantly enhanced, as we are connecting to more EMS systems for better liquidity finding and price discovery, as well enhancing RVFI weekly.