Key Features:

  • Access time series data conveniently within Microsoft Excel
  • Fully integrated with VBA functions for automation
  • Provides derived relative value time series data
  • Over 10 years of time series data for all products
  • Corresponds with market convention
  • Stress tested by market participants

RiskVal’s Time Series (RVTS)

RiskVal’s Time Series (RVTS) is the most comprehensive global G10 fixed income market data service for traders and research quant. RiskVal’s strict market data collection process follows market convention for each market to ensure it has the accurate and high quality time series data.

The data is stress tested by market participants daily for our pre-trade rich/cheap analytics traders to help them better identify good trade(s). RVTS not only provides EOD market data, it also provides derived data, such as ASW spread, OIS spread, and bond future invoice spread for cash and future products, as well as forward curve and forward basis for derivative products.

RVTS has 10+ years’ time series data for all products it covered. It became the backbone of our flagship RVFI solution and is well received by our clients at tier-1 & tier-2 banks, and hedge funds.